1. A vertical mill, grinding roller. The liner wear repair

Plate vertical roller mill body and wear resistant lining board in the use process, due to the roller pressure roller; the material force; friction between the material and the mill lining board; the material grinding angle caused by the grinding roller shear stress;

Hydraulic system pressure; synthetic vertical mill apparent pressure stress force. These forces are applied at the vertical mill roll effective compaction zone. Once the fit clearance, between the body and the liner will impact the collision occurred, so that between the body and the liner wear, serious when the lining crack and even fracture, caused the lining plate off, the machine damage, especially the damage caused by the speed reducer, the malignant event.

This problem occurs, the general repair methods are difficult to solve, disassembly, repair welding, machining is time-consuming and laborious, caused by the shutdown shutdown time is greatly prolonged, brings huge economic losses can be recovered without. With its excellent mechanical properties and good plasticity, so that the problem can be solved. Not only can prolong the service life of the equipment, improve productivity, and does not occupy extra downtime of production at the same time, simple and effective to avoid the possibility of two times of the problems, to the enterprise safety production continuously escort.

2. Vertical mill roller bearing wear repair room
Vertical mill roller bearing assembly requirements more stringent, firms generally use the bearing assembly cooled in dry ice method. Between the bearing and the bearing chamber once the gap, will affect the normal operation of bearing, lead to bearing fever, burning phenomenon will lead to serious bearing. Fushilan technique is fast, easy to operate features, many cases can repair.

3. vertical mill reducer leakage control.
Vertical mill reducer leakage not only affect the appearance of the machine, and waste oil, for equipment repair and maintenance a lot of trouble. The opposition mill reducer leakage management, convenient operation, good treatment effect.

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