Analysis About Impactor Crusher Key Parts

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Stone crusher manufacturers works in harsh environment; in the crushing process, rotor, plate hammer and counterattack liner of impactor crusher bear instantaneous random shock load when they collide with materials; in addition, rotor have to withstand the centrifugal force caused by rotor rotation, therefore we have very high requirements on the intensity of impactor crusher counterattack, rotor and plate hammer. This article is to analyze the intensity of three key components for impact stone crusher.Intensity analysis of impact stone crusher rotor mainly refers to analyze the instantaneous stress and straining condition of rotor when rocks collide with hammers throughout the crushing process, as well as analyze rotor stress and strain condition of rotor when in free rotation.

Driven the movement of rotor, board hammer of Stone Crusher Plant takes high speed rotation with rotor, so the contact part between the two must be under the action of force. Also, in rotation process of board hammer, raised part on board hammer contacts with rotor, so the raised part has to withstand greater centrifugal force. Collision location between first counterattack and materials is at the lower part of first counterattack, so it must bear big force when materials collide the fixed axis on upper part of counterattack, and the collision part between materials and first counterattack withstands the biggest stress. Form the analysis of instantaneous stress generated by collision between materials and secondary plate, we can get that instantaneous stress located near the second plate of hard rock impact crusher is large, that is, collision part between materials and second counterattack of hard rock impact crusher is large. 

According to stress distribution of materials colliding with third counterattack plate, we can get that the acting force generated by the collision of materials and third plate has big effect on overall structural efficiency of counterattack, and the largest stress value is also located in collision part of stone crusher machine price. Just in the white snow and amidst the sound of firecrackers, Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. officially begins the working patter of the Year of Horse, and every employee walks to their operating post and begins the new journey of the New Year. All the departs including production management department, quality inspection department, material supply department, technical development department, after-sales service department, E-commerce department, human resource department, planning department, security department, sales development and financial department quickly enter working state and they have had the in-department conference to make a New Year working plan to pay attention to every detail and make a good contribution to the development of Our Machinery. Soft spring says goodbye to the past year and impetuous horse ushers the New Year. Since 2014 has come, Our Machinery is here wishing every one lead the field in the new journey, carry forward vigorous spirit, work hard to achieve success and make a good contribution to the Company.

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