Cone Crusher Contributes to Urban Economy

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Currently, low-carbon economy in our country is in rapid progress. Various sectors especially heavy machinery industry begin to take the road of green and environmental protection in response to promotion and call of government. As one of the main leaders of mining machinery industry, Our Machinery has also applied environmental protection concept to production of quarry machines. In such a reasonable case, Our Machinery has launched new cone crusher that fits for current national conditions. The Sand Making Machine in China contributes to harmonious development of urban environmental economy. Here, we introduce technical problems of cone crusher encountered in applicable process.

The movable cone of Quarry Crusher is often subjected to strong impact, hence, it's the most seriously wearing part of cone crusher parts. So, at this time, there are two solutions to solve this problem. One is to replace these wearing parts. But, another problem arises. It's the replacement cycle. if we replace movable cone, it will take about eight or ten days, which seriously affects normal production schedule and a series of other problems like staff costs. Based on past experience, Our Machinery draw a conclusion, that is cone crusher often appear fixed different problems, which is the main reason why schedule of equipment production is seriously delayed. For this reason, through exploration and practice of relevant personnel, a new technology has been launches, which is to fill the movable cone, which saves replacement cost of machine. The movable cone of cone rock crushers determines running condition of the entire equipment.

The stable performance of Sand Making Machine makes contributions to environmental protection and economy, which also brings certain economic benefits to development of quarry crusher machines industry. In other words, cone stone crusher in China successfully promotes development of urban environmental economy to a certain extent. Our Machinery warmly welcome the general new and old customers to visit our company.

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