Crushing Ore Machine is one of the main machines used in such industrial departments as metallurgy, building material, chemistry and hydropower for the medium and fine crushing of limestone, coal and other crisp materials with below medium hardness. Hammer mill crusher has many features such as big crushing ratio, high production capacity and even product granularity. Hammer crusher is a single-stage crusher machine that is able to directly crush the materials whose biggest granularity is 600-1800mm to 25mm or even below.

In industry, stone crusher is machine which use a metal surface to break or compress materials into small fractional chunks or denser masses. Throughout most of industrial history, the greater part of crushing and mining part of the process occurred under muscle power as the application of force concentrated in the tip of the miners pick or sledge hammer driven drill bit. Before explosives came into widespread use in bulk mining in the mid-nineteenth century, most initial ore crushing and sizing was by hand and hammers at the mine or by water powered trip hammers in the small charcoal fired smithies and iron works typical of the Renaissance through the early-to-middle industrial revolution. It was only after explosives, and later early powerful steam shovels produced large chunks of materials, chunks originally reduced by hammering in the mine before being loaded into sacks for a trip to the surface, chunks that were eventually also to lead to rails and mine railways transporting bulk aggregations that post-mine face crushing became widely necessary. The earliest of these were in the foundries, but as coal took hold the larger operations became the coal breakers that fueled industrial growth from the first decade of the 1600s to the replacement of breakers in the 1970s through the fuel needs of the present day.

The Main Types of Quarry Crusher. According to the numbers of the rotor, hammer mill crusher can be divided into single-rotor hammer crusher and double-rotor hammer crusher. The main case of the single-rotor hammer crusher is composed of upper and lower pats which are made of steel plate and that are connected with bolts. According to the rotational direction of the rotor, hammer mill crusher can be divided into reversible type and irreversible type. According to the line numbers of the hammers, hammer mill crusher can be divided into single-line type and multi-line type. According to the connection method of the hammers on the rotor, hammer mill crusher can be divided into fixed type and movable type, and the fixed hammer crusher is mainly used for the fine crushing and power grinding of soft materials. Other types of hammer mill crushers include sealed hammer crusher, heavy hammer crusher and ring hammer crusher.

The Structure of Hammer Mill Crusher. Hammer mill crusher is mainly composed of crusher box, rotor, hammers, impact lining boards and screen plate. Among them, the main working part is the rotor with hammers. The rotor is mainly composed of principal axis, disk, pin roll and hammers. Hammer crusher has advanced structure, reliable performance, balanced working condition and low energy consumption. According to the working principle of hammer mill crusher, it can be divided into reversible hammer crusher and irreversible hammer crusher. The rotor of the former is reversible, so that it is mainly used for fine crushing, and the rotor of the latter is irreversible, and it is mainly used for medium crushing.

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