Get a Basic Understanding about Shaking Table

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The shaking table belongs to stream film beneficiation equipment; three major parts are composed of from bed face, chassis and transmission-mechanism. In bed face, lengthwise one end sets up an actuator. There are obvious incline in transverse direction facing in bed. Arrange to give a feed chute and a feed water tank in oblique superjacent. Arrange to have the bed strip on bed surface lengthways. The height of bed strip reduces gradually from the driving end to the offside. The entire machine tool is propped up by the chassis and the chassis has allocated the slope device.

Shaking Table

Concentrator table beneficiation refers to that on a slant table, relying on the combined effect of the symmetrical and reciprocating motion of the mechanical slabstone and the lamella slant water flow, the ore particles become loose, layered and zoned on the table, thus separating the minerals based on density.

Shaking table, also called jerking table, concentrator table or shaking concentrator, is to make separations based on the difference of specific gravity of feed materials, reciprocating asymmetrical movement and the stratification performance of the inclined table surface in the lateral water flow with obvious zone of the minerals with different specific gravities on the table, high quality of concentrates produced, convenient operation and adjustment and other features. Shaking table separation has significantly improved the handling capacity, higher recycling rate and the enrichment ratio. select the gravity of ray material, which is just one of the ore dressing machine, and which is widely used in the selection of tin, tungsten, gold, silver, lead, zinc, tantalum, niobium, iron, manganese, limonite and coal. It is also known as gold shaking table or gold shaker table.

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jerking table: http://www.chinaquarry.com/products_show/shaking_table.html

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