Strengthen the Inspection of Double Roll Crusher

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The series of roller crusher for ore dressing, chemical, cement, refractories, abrasives, such as building materials in the industrial sector and finely various kinds of high, medium hardness ores and rocks, especially in the building materials industry production melon meters stone and green bean paste and other products, there are more excellent than general broken mechanical effect.It into the grain-size, discharging granularity is adjustable, roller crusher can fight pressure strength of 160 mpa or less materials are broken. Especially in the coal industry, the use of native raw coal fragmentation, as long as after iron, removing impurity, without gangue removal, can be directly to broken, broken out of material, granularity, the excessively low broken rate, simplifying the coal preparation process, reduce the investment and production cost.

Double roll crusher is the use of two sets of single drive roller, roller surface can take teeth, called toothed roll crusher.JiGa force produced by relative rotation and ground shear broken material, when material into the machine after crushing cavity, gritting materials by rotating roller force, the material is forced through between the two rollers, at the same time JiGa and cut by roller mill, material is began to fracture, fracture of small particles along the roller rotating tangent, through two roller clearance, thrown to the machine below, clearance of large particle materials continue to be broken into small particles.Under the main crushing medium hard minerals.

To pay special attention to the following teeth roll crusher work: 1. To strengthen the work to iron ore.The broken content (qian primary content) fall into the can damage between double roller crusher, as a result causes parking accident. So in front of the breaker shall be installed in addition to iron plant. 2. After double roll crusher run a long time, due to the roll surface wear larger, cause fairly granular product, then pay attention to adjusting the row ore mouth or on equipment maintenance.3. To strengthen the inspection of double roll crusher equipment, the lubrication part of the equipment on time to come on, keep equipment good lubrication condition.

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